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Why Financial Planning ?

  •  Are you frustrated because you're not able to put more money towards savings?
  • Worries about debt, paying bills and inadequacy of not having a financial security net is on Top of mind and awareness (TOPA)
  • Tired of worrying about your financial situation but aren't sure what to do or where to start?

Complicate no further! Time now to evolve in financial plan.

Why you need financial planning today ?

  • When you have started adding up what you are spending in a month and it equals more than what you are bringing in
  • When irrespective of curtail down expenses you are still spending more than what you are bringing
  • When you're failing to see the big picture
  • When your investments are not keeping up with your expectations
  • And when seeking to optimize returns without exposing to unwanted risks,

Financial Planning Can Help You:

Set realistic financial and personal goals:  Set specific targets of the results you want to achieve and when you want to achieve them.  What retirement comforts mean to you? What goals top your wish list? How enthusiastic are you towards its fulfilment? And so on.

Understand the effect of each financial decision: Undoubtedly, each financial decision that you make affect several other areas of your life.  Say, an investment decision that you have just made to curtail down taxes may turn out to be harmful to your estate plans.  Remember, all financial decisions that you make are interrelated and we at First Step Financial Planning help you with each financial decision that you make.

Re-evaluate your financial situation periodically: Over the years, your financial goals tend to change periodically, monthly and even yearly. We help you revisit and revise your financial plan time and again so that you can stay on track with your long-term goals.

Start planning as soon as you can: Never delay your financial planning. Studies revealed the fact that people who save or invest small amount of money regularly, tend to perform better than those who do not save at all.  Developing a saving habit at an early stage would stay you prepared to meet life changes and emergencies in better ways. 

Be realistic in your expectations: Financial planning is all about managing finances to reach life goals. However, it is crucial to be realistic about your goals as it is a lifelong process.

Realize that you are in charge: As you are working with a financial planner, make sure you ask questions, add your preference and play an active role in providing your planner all relevant knowledge needed.